We Won't Die

by Forward Unto Dawn

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released May 22, 2012

Recorded March 2012 at Compact Audio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Engineered, mixed & mastered by Justin Felix & Alex Palmer

Artwork by Adam Cutler (Motionless Visions)

Alex Barnes - Vocals
Dylan Wallace - Guitar
Devan Smith - Bass
Nick MacDonald - Drums

Guest vox on track 2 & 4 by Eric Creamer, Josh Ashley & Alek Beaver
Guest guitar on track 6 by Eric Creamer

All music written and performed by Forward Unto Dawn



all rights reserved


Forward Unto Dawn Nova Scotia

Progressive metal from Canada's Eastern shore.

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Track Name: The Art & Illusion of Escape
This is not a story
This is not a play by play
It's not a dramatization
Something I have to say
Why'd I dig my own grave?
Why'd you just watch me stray?
Off the plank, off the pier
Knees weak from shallow fears
Knee deep in all my fears
Lose myself inside this place
Lose myself in anyway
I'm my worst enemy

Pull me from my mind
Raise up, just don't leave me behind

This town has got it's ways
Of trying to make you stay
It won't have you get away


It's not hard to see the curse of this place
You stay and decay
Gotta slip away

Move on to a better place
Just leave without a trace

Once it's in your blood the disease will remain
You can fight temptation
Only the strong escape

All the time I have lost my thoughts betray me
But I'll keep the scars because they remind me
The best is yet to come
For some hope has died so long ago
Now the sands of time wash them away
I can't believe this is where I'm from

Now is my time

I'm about to let loose on this place
Run all you want no one is safe
I lived in the shadows but now I wake
The life that we lives breathes insanity
Track Name: Becoming
I bet you didn't expect to wind up in your own mess
I've been waiting patiently, don't try to run
It'll be over soon then I'll be gone

You shouldn't look so scared
You're to blame for what I have become
Don't you see?
I've been hunting you since day one
I've seen what you've done
For each case that went unclosed
I'll make you pay in your blood
Or lack there of
It's been so long since I've seen the sun

Terrified of what my dreams have become
Push far past my limits, I have been on, been on a path, one with no
I have been up for endless nights
I have been hellbent on your destruction
You think it's over but it's only begun
I will make sure you are forgotten
I can't drink this away

Trust me when I say I found a way to end your days

This is not a test, this is not an empty threat
I have been watching, waiting, for you
Ever since that night I saw your face
When you took a bite out of my life
You should have killed me too

I have devised the perfect plan for your demise
This is the perfect plan

I can't begin to describe the feeling I have inside
To know that you're barely alive
Hanging on by a thread

There's nothing left to say
This is the ending
This is the end
Track Name: Anodyne
Waking in sweat from nightmares, constant feverish dreams
I scream but they go unheard
No one can save me now
I'm a victim of my own mind

Black turns to grey before my bloodshot eyes
I'm trapped within this vicious circle
No one can save me now
I'm chained down, there's no escape

From here the key's been lost so long ago
No one can save me now
I can hear their footsteps getting closer

It's not hard to tell what they want
I can hear them laughing from every window


There's no telling how long this will last
It's hard to tell if it's all real
The air can't seem to reach my lungs
Creeping panic is all I feel

My bones seem to constrict into one
I need someone to just wake me up
Track Name: Walking Dead
I've made up my mind
I'll fight for it till I die
Mark my fucking words
I have no place in structured space
I won't go unheard
All doubt thrown aside
The mess I've made behind these eyes
These years won't go to waste
Let's show them what we're made of

We're simply at the start of it
Don't you try to silence this
Can't you see that we are not dead yet
I'm in control, fate seems to lose it's hold
This path is mine and mine alone
The choices are made, the lines are crossed
I can't turn back

Gotta give me something, even if I'm only the one that you all seem to hate
Gotta give me something, even if I'm only the one that you all seem to hate

Like a disease that has no cure
Or a needle hitting bone
The addiction spreads and it's left me only wanting more
Once you've got a taste of it
It stitches to your soul
This is more a lifestyle than a simple goal
Failure's not an option
But even if we do
At least my final solace is I actually saw it through
The weeks are long
The days go fast
Don't you think you've won
It's far from over, look in my eyes
It's only just begun


This is the prologue to a story that's just begun
Let's raise a glass and hope the the epilogue can't be found

So we've started the fires
They burn brighter than ever
As night turns to day
The dancing dead live another day

Oh, don't think that this will conclude it all
Track Name: Writings on the Wall
Don't tell me what to be
I have a reason for the things I scream
There's a story to tell
And a time bomb ticking, my ticket to hell
The words I bring to the songs you sing
They help me condemn my sins
My hands are bloodied from a timeless past
These endless conflicts can never last

Time isn't on my side
If it was then I wouldn't fear a last good-bye
The dark doesn't frighten me
It's more so the unknowing, the uncertainty
For all I've lost, for all I've gained
The only thing it's done is kept me healthily insane
We know that the end is in sight
But sometimes it's fear that gives the push to fight

I've done all I could to run but my case leaves me closer than ever
So take this eulogy as my final script in the chapter of the unforgiving
Sing these songs with me even after my time has passed over
And remember the lessons we have learned

I've done all I could to run, but my case leaves me closer then ever
So take this eulogy as my final script in the chapter of the unforgiving
Sing these songs with me, even after my time has past over
And remember the lessons we've learned here on after

If you live life to the fullest and follow your dreams
The Devil cannot hold you and God has no reign
Human ignorance is common play it seems
Just open your eyes and smile through the pain

Then you'll see;

Freedom is in the mind of whom it possess