Concord & Dissolution

from by Forward Unto Dawn



Lyrics by Forward Unto Dawn


Act II
Scene I

Engineer evolution
Progression is clear
The end-game is vague

A fake version of man
A weak version of man

Death made a choice, eternity is a reality
Man-made infinite, man-made immortal
Catalyst; a means of an end
Is there even such a thing?
Unified and divided
The paradox of Man

I've spent a lifetime to reach eternity
I've spent a lifetime to taste infinity
Selfish? No, selfless
My gift is for all
Life is a fact
We've made a liar out of death

We've made a liar out of death
made a myth out of fact
Liberation from disease and demise
Murdering our ends

Murder our ends and we will live forever!

Scene II

The necessity outweighs the grief
The growth outweighs the pain
The Father of Gods is killing the Mother of Man
The laws outweigh the progression
Hydraulic oil is not fair trade for blood
metal is no fair trade for bone
For blood and for bone

We have finally achieved the preservation!
We have now established mans permanent place in the Universe
The applications are here!
The time is now!
Augmentation subsidization is now here
There is no reason to remain biological
Never suffer from pain or sickness ever again
Become immortalized
You and your loved ones united forever
Augmentation is the cure
Our race can survive forever
We can live forever

Scene III



Progression is clear
The end-game is vague

A lie, a farce
We've gone too far

Death cannot be deprived
Our Mother will right our wrongs
Refusing forever
Remaining God-made


from Alpha, released April 7, 2015
Recorded April 2014 at Spider Studios in Cleveland, OH
Executive Producer: Terry Coughlin
Produced by Tony Gammalo & Forward Unto Dawn
Engineered by Tony Gammalo
Engineering Assistance by Scott Mandato
Mixed by Matt Dalton
Mastered by Joey Sturgis



all rights reserved


Forward Unto Dawn Nova Scotia

Progressive metal from Canada's Eastern shore.

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